About – MT-RSR


USA Manufacturing • Quality •  Service AND Competitive Pricing

MT-RSR, Inc. is centrally located in the U.S. just north of Minneapolis Minnesota, our strategic location allows most shipments to arrive in 1 – 3 business days.  For more than a quarter century the company has provided OEM Quality replacement parts for Alignment, Auto Lift, Break Lathe, Tire Changer, and Wheel Balancer Systems and Units.

In August 2016, the company came under new ownership.  Over the course of the first year, Laurent Deconinck renamed the company MT-RSR, Inc., relocated the business to a newly remodeled building and merged it with his Machining Technology Inc. Machine shop, incorporated a state of the art inventory system, streamlined the order fulfillment process, developed a user friendly website, and produced a full color catalog! Laurent, our Operations Manager, Carla Reiling, and the entire Team at MT-RSR are dedicated to becoming your No. 1 choice in under-body replacement parts! We can custom produce new parts.

We are excited about the future and we will continue to grow and develop new and effective ways to make YOU, Our Customers more productive through excellent customer service, same day shipping (FREE SHIPPING FOR ORDERS ABOVE $50), and competitively low pricing!  

 Contact us if you have questions at sales@mt-rsr.com. Feedback are also appreciate as we are continuously working on improving our self.