Chemical Compatibility

  • "Good" Rating: No degradation or chemical reaction.
  • * : Liquid may be slow to absorb
  • ** : Liquid may not absorb
Chemical Name Chemical Class Rating
Acetic Acid, Glacial Carboxylic Acids Good
Acetone Ketones Good
Acetonitrile Nitriles Good
Aqueous Ammonia (29%) Inorganic Bases Good
Benzyl Alcohol Hydroxylic Compounds Good**
Butyl Acetate Hydroxylic Compounds Good
Dichloromethane Halogen Compounds Good
Dimethylformamide Amides Good*
Ethanol Hydroxylic Compounds Good
Gasoline Aromatic Hydrocarbons Good
Hydraulic Oil Alicyclic Hydrocarbons Good*
Hydrochloric Acid (37%) Inorganic Acids Good*
Hydrogen Peroxide (30%) Peroxides Good*
Isopropanol Hydroxylic Compounds Good
Kerosene Hydrocarbons Good
Methanol Hydroxylic Compounds Good
Methyl Ethyl Ketone Ketones Good
Mineral Oil Alicyclic Hydrocarbons Good*
Mineral Spirits Hydrocarbons Good
Nitric Acid (70%) Inorganic Acids Good*
Phenol Hydroxylic Compounds Good**
Sodium Hydroxide (50%) Inorganic Bases Good*
Sulfuric Acid (98%) Inorganic Acids Good**
Toluene Aromatic Hydrocarbons Good
Turpentine Hydrocarbons Good
Water Misc Good
Xylene Aromatic Hydrocarbons Good

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