Brake Lathe Kit
Brake Lathe machines are durable and last a very long time, primarily if they're correctly maintained. Regardless of what brand brake machine you have in your shop, they all require essential maintenance. Follow the steps below for the appropriate measures on how to maintain your brake lathe machines.

You'll want to start by thoroughly cleaning the outside of the machine with a simple degreaser. This would also be a great time to inspect your work light and look for any bulbs that might need to get changed. Now it's time to check the oil, which is a reasonably simple task. Most machines have a dipstick that allows you to see the oil level. You're looking to see if the oil comes up to the guideline on the dipstick. Check to see if the oil is dirty; if so, it's recommended you change out the oil. The other item to note is checking for and lubing grease fittings. Usually, gearboxes do not require lubricants but double-check your owner's manual for the specifics on your machine. It's recommended to lubricate the crossfeed on the Ammco brake lathe machine once each month with automotive chassis grease. We recommend using a hand pump grease gun because an electric grease gun can burst and cause injury.

Once the machine is all cleaned, you checked the oil, and the gearbox is lubricated, then it's time for the inspection. During the examination, you'll be looking for any cracks/breaks that allow dust or metal shavings to get into areas where they're not supposed to be. Be sure to replace drive belts if they have any signs of cracks, and they're usually inexpensive and easy to install.

The final steps are to inspect the arbors and adapters. Remove all adapters from the arbors and wipe them clean – particularly the inboard adapter. When a finished drum or rotor gets removed from the arbor, the inboard adapter may move slightly away from the face and allow metal chips to fall into the opening, causing a poor mounting for the next drum or rotor. It's recommended to consistently inspect the faces and seating tapers of the adapters for nicks and scratches and correct any flaw with a fine stone. If the damage cannot be repaired, replace the adapter. Handle the adapters and arbors with care and store them on individual hooks. Please do not throw them into a box.

Proper machine maintenance is the key to a well-run shop and happy customers. Our mission is to provide outstanding service and quality products made and manufactured right here in the USA. On top of our quality products, we offer top-notch support. Our team delivers expert support & provides clients with multiple video tutorials and Shop Talk Blogs like this one. We believe in providing customers with products that add value and a relationship that lasts a lifetime. At MT-RSR, we strive to be your #1 under-car equipment parts expert.
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