AAA Control Valve Bead Loosener, the Coats Cylinder End Cap for Table Top, Slotted Inserts for Hofmann, John Bean, and Snap-On

At MT-RSR, our expertise is under-car equipment parts. We proudly service auto and tire shops across the United States. We machine, in-house, and source only the best parts because they represent us. We strive to deliver quality products, starting with our incredible employees to our high-quality materials and our high-tech machines.

Shop our 1000+ SKU's in stock, all available for free next-day delivery on orders greater than $50. Some of our new products include the AAA Control Valve Bead Loosener. The replacement handle valve is used to control the Bead Breaker (Bead Loosener). This valve is an actuator that controls the shovel of the BL arm. This valve is on the top end of the shovel. The valve on the rim clamps is located on the right, whereas on the APX machine, the valve is located on the left. Installation is pretty straightforward; remove the old fittings and place them onto the new valve.
Another new product we are offering is the Coats Cylinder End Cap for Table Top. The replacement end cap is also known as the threaded cap. This cap is the most common side to fail. The aligning stub wears down and causes the cylinder to move. Spare parts are a tire shop's best friend. Save money by replacing a broken cylinder end cap rather than the whole fixture.


Slotted Inserts for Hofmann, John Bean, and Snap-On is another spare part that saves money and time. These inserts are found 0n the inside steel mount head and protect wheels from scraping and gouging due to the metal head contacting the wheel. This insert will also replace the metal roller that many of these machines came with initially and is extremely easy to convert to nylon style insert from a steel roller. No modification is needed; unbolt the steel roller and bolt in the nylon insert. These inserts can add extra insurance when dealing with delicate wheels. These inserts get made of heavy-duty nylon material to endure abuse.


Our mission is to provide outstanding service and quality products made and manufactured right here in the USA. On top of our quality products, we offer top-notch support. Our team delivers expert support & provides clients with multiple video tutorials and Shop Talk Blogs like this one. We believe in providing customers with products that add value and a relationship that lasts a lifetime. At MT-RSR, we strive to be your #1 under-car equipment parts experts.

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