MT-RSR Speedplate

Are you tired of slow, fragile, and complicated wheel balancing tools? Look no further than the new SpeedPlate from MT-RSR. This ultra-fast, ultra-durable, and accurate tool is a game-changer for any shop looking to improve its wheel balancing results.

Gone are the days of pre-adjustment for correct bolt patterns (PCD) and the need for two hands to operate. The SpeedPlate allows for on-the-fly, single-handed bolt pattern adjustment, making it as fast as an old-fashioned pressure cup. Plus, it's self-centering, so there's no need to be overly careful with the adjustment.

But the SpeedPlate isn't just fast; it's also incredibly durable. It can take an incredible beating without losing balancing accuracy, as seen in our drop-test videos online. And, tested up to 400,000 cycles, it has a longer lifespan than most balancers today.

Protecting expensive alloy wheels has always been challenging with the SpeedPlate's built-in grip and torque tips, which have the same design as vehicle lug nuts. There's no danger of damaging expensive wheels, and the built-in spring system ensures even pressure on each lug hole, forcing the wheel to sit straight against the balancer's faceplate.

The most significant advantage of the SpeedPlate is its accuracy. Optimal balancing results can only be achieved if the wheel is centered correctly and torqued to the balancer. The SpeedPlate achieves this with its built-in spring system and ability to handle dynamic centering, while low-taper collets handle static centering.

With the SpeedPlate, wheel balancing has always been challenging, faster, and more accurate. Say goodbye to fragile, slow, and expensive tools and hello to the future of wheel balancing.

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