Prepping your surface for wheel balancing is so important


When balancing tires, a typical yet essential activity in the tire shop is to clean the wheel hubs and studs properly. Even if the necessary torque has been obtained, dust and debris buildup between the stud threads and the surface of the hub and the wheel nut can create erroneous clamping force. Cleaning the wheel hub on a regular basis can help to extend the life of automotive wheels, eliminate wheel cracks, and enhance tire traction. 

AME International is a leading innovative company based in Brooksville, Florida, that manufactures tire repair tools, accessories, and shop equipment for the wheel and tire industry. Their extensive product line includes bead breakers, hydraulic rams and pumps, heavy-duty mining jacks, wheel chocks, super stacker cribbing, tire shop tools, abrasives, inflation and torque solutions, and tire truck accessories. Though the company has over 100 years of service to the tire industry, it wants to meet ever-changing wheel design requirements. So today AME International continues to develop and design new tire tools and accessories in step with the most advanced tire technology. At MT-RSR, we carry AME products to help prep your surface for wheel balancing.

One of the AME products we carry is the Hub Bro cleaner, this cleaner is uniquely designed to clean both the hub and stud simultaneously with an internal stainless-steel stud cleaning system. The hub bro cleaner has a large diameter for cleaning wheel mounting hub surfaces. The stud and wheel cleaners will ultimately rid the rim, wheel face, studs, and brake drum of any debris or contaminants that would affect the overall tire/wheel process. 

Other than the Hub Bro cleaner we also offer the SUV/LT Spline Plus Kit. The Spline Plus Kit works in case of corrosion, rounded lug-heads, and thin walls for specialty aluminum wheels. It is able to work on at least 6 different fastener types and is manufactured using quality Chrome-Molybdenum alloy steel for high torque and durability. The kit contains 3 color-coded protective sleeves for easy identification which helps to prevent damage to custom wheels. The simple design makes it a perfect tool for any tire shop or service vehicle that does daily tire/wheel service. Easily place any of the sockets onto an impact gun (air or electric) in the shop and begin. Light pressure is all that is required to clean both the hub & stud. The high-quality material works great at removing rust and other corrosion with ease. 

Our 3-piece spline plus socket set and SUV/LT Spline Plus Kit are best if your wheel hub has studs. This set is designed to fit snugly over the wheel studs and clean the contact surfaces right up to the edge of the studs. Once individual studs are cleaned, you can clean the areas adjoining the studs. There you have it, clean, flat, contact surfaces without corrosion or rust. These tools will now make the task of wheel removal and fitting simpler and far safer than before. 


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