40mm Wheel Balancer Flange Plate Kit – MT-RSR

40mm Wheel Balancer Flange Plate Kit

Wheel Balancing


4 Pin Plate Balancing System

MT-RSR is now offering a pin plate system. Most people would agree that the key to balancing any tire is to make sure that it is centered. With the old method of cone and pressure cup you are relying on the hub for centering. With the pin plate system, you are using the lug holes to center. This will avoid misalignment by improper and inconsistent mounting on the balancer. Our kit includes 4 plates with pins and the reference chart.

Similar to: Snap-On # EEWB3-1A

Made in the USA 

Set Includes:

MT-RSR Part# Description         Qty:
4021-40 Pin Plate #1        1
4022-40    Pin Plate #2         1
4023-40  Pin Plate #3   1
4024-40      Pin Plate #4 1
4025   Wide taper Stud (A) for pin plate 3.2 Long" 8
4026   Small Taper Stud (B) for pin plate 3.7" Long   8
4027    Round top Stud (C) for pin plate 4.1" Long  6
4029   Reference chart for Pin Plate system 1