Hamaton: TPMS Sensors

Hamaton: TPMS Sensors

Hamaton is one of the world's largest manufacturers of tire valves and tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS). They supply tire valve products for motorcycles, cars, heavy commercial vehicles, and several other automotive applications. All Hamaton products are manufactured and tested in fully automated, environmentally controlled production lines. The products offered range from universal sensors to replacement parts and the assurance that the strictest standards regulate all their products.

Why get Hamaton's TPMS Sensor?

A TPMS sensor is a small electronic device usually located in the pressurized pockets made by a wheel, and it measures the tire's air pressure. The device is configurable and programmable to let your vehicle know when the tires are low on pressure. Hamaton offers a U-Pro Hybrid Sensor that is your 1-SKU solution.

There are many advantages of a TPMS sensor, one of the most important being that it can extend your tires lifetime. These sensors are designed to warn you when any one of your tires falls below 25% of the rated pressure. You will receive a warning on your dashboard before the walls of your ties begin to fold over and rub together. 

Not having a TPMS sensor can result in tires being damaged beyond repair, and running on a damaged tire can not only be costly but cause injuries and accidents. Another benefit of TPMS sensors is that their battery life will last anywhere from 5-10 years. If your sensors fail and need replacement, you can replace just them individually rather than having to replace the entire kit. 

Valve Options & Available Accessories

The U-Pro Hybrid 2.0 sensor is the only 1-SKU solution you need, and it comes wholly configurable and programmable with a dual valve option. Unlike other sensors in the market, they're compatible with the most popular aftermarket snap-in-valves and designed for optimum compatibility. Hamaton also offers a free clamp in every box purchased. 

The U-Pro sensor accommodates the most popular snap-in-valves. The Clamp-in-valves are anodized to reduce the risk of corrosion, especially during the winters. They include anti-scratch washers, enabling users to tighten the valve nut without scratching the alloy wheel surface. 

The OBDII module is also an available accessory, which facilitates vehicle relearn procedures. Other products offered are the tread depth gauge, which enables easy access inside the wheel wall to capture measurements. 

What are the benefits of replacing valves?

Hamaton offers the largest selection of replacement parts in the market; even better, the components can be ordered in boxes of 10 or as part of a starter kit. Valves often are subjected to metal fatigue caused by chemicals and road salt. Due to this, manufacturers recommend replacing valves every time the tire bead is broken. By replacing/servicing your valves, you ultimately increase fuel economy, reduce premature tire wear, improve vehicle handling/road safety, and reduce your vehicle's CO2 emissions.

Peace of Mind

Everyone knows of the horrors of getting a flat or a destroyed tire. Having a Hamaton TPMS sensor saves you money in the long run and gives the security of having a safe vehicle and durable, lasting tires, especially in extreme temperature changes. You're able to take care of your tire pressure before it becomes a more significant problem. Think about every one of the expenses in wheel replacement, contestant reservicing, towing, and flats you're saving in. The best part is driving, realizing your wheels will have an all-inclusive life expectancy, and not having to worry constantly when on the road. Another plus is Hamaton offers a 1-SKU Solution rather than having to purchase several products, you're able to rely on one device. Buy your Hamaton TPMS sensor today; your tires and wallet will thank you.

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