MT-RSR Collets and Cones
Cones have been a standard tool when it comes to mounting wheels on balancers. They are mounted from the wheel's back when adequately installed and provide adequate centering to the wheel. The problem with cones is that most vehicle manufacturers install modern SF-type wheels that come with a shallow flange. With these new wheels in the market, the cones are not an adequate solution; they are too long and bottom out inside the wheel bore, resulting in an unbalanced wheel and vibration problem. A good note to keep in mind is, the higher the taper, the more difficult it is to center the wheel properly.
We recommend using collets to avoid these issues altogether. When using collets, you are much more likely to get a better-balanced result. Our Collets come in a set of 9, standard cones come in a group of 4. Our collets have a lower taper and a bit more of an overlay. Standard cones have an extended taper, whereas our collets are low tapered and dual-sided, therefore fitting in any wheel even if they are clad wheels with indents.
Clad wheels are starting to flood the marketplace; most new vehicles get equipped with clad wheels. The problem with clad wheels is balancing them; you would need to use a collet properly. Standard cones and pressure cups used on clad wheels result in inaccurate balance and damage to the wheel itself. It would be best if you considered the damage a cone might cause to the wheel, especially since chrome-clad covers can't get repaired or replaced once destroyed.
In Standard mounting with a pressure cup, you start by tightening the speed nut. Sometimes tires can be uneven, so if you are pushing a piece of plastic against your metal rim, there will still be wiggle room and pressure applied on the cup. Due to this, we recommend using our pin plate system. Using both our collet set and pin plate system in conjunction, you will get the most accurate wheel balancing on the market.
If you have cones bottoming out or a clad wheel issue, collets are your solution. Save yourself the time and money by purchasing a low-tapered collet set. Your customers will thank you! Check out our video below for more information.
ColletConePin plate system

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