3M Wheel Weight Starter Kit PN99101 With 61405 Wheel Weigh

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3M Wheel Weight Starter Kit PN99101 With 61405 Wheel Weights

See the the how to video here.


  • Material can be cut to size for customized lengths and weights
  • Lead-free composite material is more environmentally friendly than lead weights
  • One product replaces dozens of clip-on weights to simplify inventory needs
  • Corrosion-free product enables maintenance of expensive wheels and enhances overall vehicle appearance
  • Elimination of clip-on weights improves wheel appearance by hiding wheel weights
  • Uses industry-proven 3M Attachment Tape technology for dependable attachment
  • Precision cut-to-length weights improve wheel balance and vehicle ride quality

    The 3M Wheel Weight System Starter Kit PN99101 contains a 3M Wheel Weight Universal Cutting Tool, 3M Wheel Weight Cutter Stand, one 5-lb. box of 3M Wheel Weight PN61404, ((M™ Wheel Weight PN61404 is a 5 lb roll of 3M™ Wheel Weight PN61405))) one bottle of 3M Wheel Weight Surface Prep, and a 3M Removal Tool. Together, with industry-leading 3M Automotive Attachment Tape. this kit provides an all-in-one, securely attached wheel weight balancing system.

    What's In The Kit

    • 3M Wheel Weight Universal Cutting Tool PN61479 (TN201) is used to easily cut the 3M Wheel Weight material to the required weight. An easy-to-read scale determines exact weight in grams or 1/4 ounce increments. Tool comes with 3 replacement blades in the handle.
    • 3M Wheel Weight Cutter Stand PN61480 (TN252) is a heavy-duty, adjustable stand designed to hold one box of 3M Wheel Weights.
    • 3M Wheel Weight PN61404 ((M™ Wheel Weight PN61404 is a 5 lb roll of 3M™ Wheel Weight PN61405))) Reorder # 3M-61405
    • 3M Removal Tool PN99099 (TN501) enables efficient removal of old wheel weights.

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