3M Wheel Weight - 5.6mm x 15mm x 10.7m Roll - TN4715/PN61403

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3M™ Wheel Weight TN4715, 15 mm x 5.6 mm, 10.7 M Roll, P/N 61403

See the the how to video here. 


  • Material can be cut to size for customized lengths and weights
  • Lead-free composite material is more environmentally friendly than lead weights
  • One product replaces dozens of clip-on weights to simplify inventory needs
  • Corrosion-free product enables maintenance of expensive wheels and enhances overall vehicle appearance
  • Elimination of clip-on weights improves wheel appearance by hiding wheel weights
  • Uses industry-proven 3M™ Attachment Tape technology for dependable attachment
  • Precision cut-to-length weights improve wheel balance and vehicle ride quality

    3M™ Wheel Weight PN61403 is a 15 mm wide, lead-free, flexible, conformable, high profile weight used to balance tires. Cut to exact weight for better balance and ride, one product replaces dozens of clip-on weights. Corrosion and stain free, the wheel weight uses 3M™ Attachment Tape for superior performance.wheel weight


    3M™ Wheel Weight PN61403  is provided as a roll and designed to be cut to weight to meet your precision wheel balancing requirements. The 3M™ Wheel Weight System features industry-leading 3M™ Attachment Tape technology for dependable attachment. 3M's tape expertise, combined with the conformable wheel balancing material, provides an all-in-one, securely attached wheel weight balancing system.

    Here's the Wheel Weight Deal
    The 3M™ Wheel Weight System combines conformable wheel balancing material and industry-leading 3M™ Automotive Attachment Tape to provide an all-in-one, securely attached wheel weight balancing system. Designed to have less impact on the environment than the industry-standard lead wheel weights, the 3M Wheel Weight System is a proprietary product with unique properties built to meet our customers’ ever-increasing needs for lead-free, quality products. The 3M Wheel Weight System consists of a unique, flexible and conformable material available in an easy-to-use, self-dispensing package used with a stand and cutting device.

    The 3M Wheel Weight material is provided as a roll good designed to be cut to weight. This provides precision balancing, which enables customers to reduce their cost of ownership by eliminating traditional wheel weight inventories of individual part sizes. Designed to replace environmentally harmful lead wheel weights, corrosion-free 3M Wheel Weights enable maintenance of expensive wheels and enhance overall vehicle appearance. Our system is used both in the automobile OEM manufacturing process and the automobile aftermarket.

    Unleaded: 3M Does its Part
    Our wheel weights are made from a non-lead composite material. According to the EPA, approximately 1.6 million pounds of lead wheel weights are lost in the United States when they fall off during normal driving conditions. These weights can enter the environment in a variety of ways, including being washed into storm sewers or gathered during street cleaning and disposed of in landfills. A growing number of jurisdictions are introducing and passing legislation that bans the use of lead wheel weights. This lead-free, composite material provides a more environmentally friendly alternative without sacrificing performance. In addition to environmental benefits, 3M Wheel Weights also resist the corrosion that is common with lead weights, which enhances overall tire appearance.

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