5 in 1 Truck Wheel Component Gauge

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5 in 1 Wheel Component Gauge/Inspection Tool/Go, No-Go Gauge

This gauge can be used to inspect M22 x 1.5 wheel studs, 33mm wheel nuts, and hub-piloted wheel bolt holes. This gauge is precision machined to tight tolerances that are not affected by the day-to-day work environment and coated to prevent rust. In the hands of a trained technician the 5-IN-1 gauge is designed to enhance current industry inspection methods and best practices


  1. Inspecting Studs for Under Diameter: The 5-in-1 gauge inspects the stud for under diameter by inserting the gauge over the threaded end of the stud. If the stud enters the gauge more the first 4-5 threads, replace it and contact the stud manufacturer for specifications.
  2. Inspecting for Bell-Mouthing on Hub-Piloted Wheel Nuts: With the keychain already removed, begin turning the gauge upside-down and inserting it into the top of the nut at the threads. The scribe line on the outside of the gauge should not enter the threaded area of the nut. Remove any nut from service where the gauge enters past the scribe line and contact the nut manufacturer for dimensional specifications.
  3. Inspecting for Over Diameter on Hub-Piloted Wheel Nuts: With the key chain still removed, insert the gauge into the bottom of the nut. Again, the scribe line should not enter the threaded area of the nut. Remove any nut from service where the scribe line enters past the threads (not flange washer) and contact the manufacturer for dimensional specifications.
  4. Inspecting Hub-Pilot Bolt Holes: Insert the 5-in-1 gauge into the bolt hole inspecting for elongation, foreign material, and for SAE size recommendations (26mm–0.0mm +1.0mm). If any elongation or distortion is found, then replace the wheel. If any foreign material is found, then clean the bolt holes.
  5. Inspecting Disc Wheel Bolt Holes for Diameter: Place the large end of the gauge on each bolt hole. The Gauge will not pass through the bolt hole if it meets SAE J694/ISO4107 sizing. It is possible to have a larger bolt hole. If there is no elongation or distortion, then contact the manufacturer for specifications before returning the wheel to service.

Interchangeable Part Numbers:

ATG9755, HALATG9755

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