7 pc Spare Tire Removal Kit

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7 pc Spare Tire Removal Kit


 Part Number Description
JS-96091 Flat Head Spare Tire Tool for Ford/GM/Dodge
JS-96092 Pin Head Tire Tool for Import Pickup Trucks
JS-96093 Hex Head Tire Tool for Dodge Full-size Trucks
JS-96094 12 MM Square Head Tire Tool for GM and Dodge
JS-96095 Standard Square Head Tire Tool for Early Model Ford
JS-96096 Slotted Square Head Tire Tool for Dodge Durango
JS-96098 3/8-Inch Square Tire Tool for Late Ford Models
JS-96097 7-Slot Spare Tire Tool Wall Mount


MT-RSR Insights:

Allows anyone to quickly remove difficult to reach spare tires
No more digging through your client's vehicle to locate the spare tire removal kit
Color-coded wall bracket allows user to quickly identify the correct removal tool to do the job
Applications include many trucks and SUV's where spare tire in located under the vehicle

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