Coats Air Gauge for Tire Changers (PSI and kPa)

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Flange mount style inflation AIR GAUGE for many models of Coats tire changers. Includes 3 retainers for mounting.

The Coats Air Gauge for Tire Changers is essential for maintaining the optimal air pressure in your vehicle's tires. Clear markings on the gauge for both PSI and kPa make it easy to read and understand the air pressure readings in either unit of measurement. Additionally, the indicator features an adjustable screw that allows you to zero it out, ensuring accurate readings every time.

Fits the following tire changer brands:

Model #: RC15, RC100, 9010, 40, 50, 60, 70 Series 

Interchangeable Part Numbers:

OEM / Aftermarket Interchanges: AG107985, 107985, 8107985, TMRAG107985

MT-RSR Insights:

Need help with finding a part for your tire changer part? Click here for the parts list!

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