Alligator V2B Double Seal Flow Through Cap - Pack of 50

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Alligator V2B Dual/Double Seal Flow Through Valve Cap Pack of 50

THE ORIGINAL V2B "Gator Cap" - effective length 3/4" 
A True Double Seal Flow Through Valve Cap

Regularly checking tire air pressure is a way of life for heavy-duty haulers and their maintenance teams, all to increase tire tread life, lower fuel consumption, and keep drivers safe and comfortable while on the road. However, checking tire air pressure can be time consuming, uncomfortable and even dangerous if the correct tools and replacement products are not used each time.
The Original V2B from ALLIGATOR has been around for over 50 years and has successfully sealed air pressure in hundreds of millions of tires. Designed to be safe and reliable, just like the person who installs them.

Save Time & Money

  • The Original V2B™ doesn’t need to be removed to check air pressure or to add air, saving you up to 65% of the time typically involved.
  • Proper air pressure greatly impacts fuel consumption, which greatly impacts total costs

Trusted Experience

  • The Original V2B™ was originally invented in the 1950’s
  • Hundreds of millions of V2B™ caps have been installed with superb results

Quick and Easy Install

  1. Remove old valve caps
  2. Inspect the valve head for damage and replace if necessary
  3. Install the V2B™ cap and hand tighten (1 1/2 - 3 in lb) - READY TO ROLL

Technical Advantages

  • Gauging and inflating happen directly through valve cap
    Fits all standard valves
  • No replacement necessary - it lasts as long as the valve itself
  • Clip-on air chucks hold more reliably due to the grooved surface
  • The completely sealed end face is dirt and water repellent
  • Double Seal Valve Cap has two built-in heat resistant grommets - preventing air pressure loss even when the valve core is damaged or dirty

For use only on brass valves. Not suitable for motorcycles.

Interchangeable Part Numbers:

330709, 330712, 21534, 21536, 21537, ALLV2B-50. VC12. 9-330708, DS-1, MVHV2B, 15-4579, 73604, S-DBLSEAL-CAP, VH82, VC-12

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