MT-RSR - XtraSeal - Tire Repair Toolbox

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MT-RSR - XtraSeal - Tire Repair Toolbox

Imagine a tire repair solution that's not only efficient but also fits seamlessly into any shop environment. Our new tire repair toolbox boasts a slim, compact design, ensuring it fits easily into your shop. This simplifies deployment in any location, enabling you to establish a tire repair station anywhere in your shop or territory with ease. Contains all needed tools, and Xtra-Seal patches, plugs, and chemicals. All organized in a sleek rolling toolbox.

Tire Repair Toolbox Contains:

SKU Description Qty
Tire Repair Patches
X11311 2-1/4" Square Euro-style Universal Patch 2
X11712 Radial 2 1/4" x 4" - 1 Ply 2
X13621 3/16" Injury Lead-Wire Stem 2
X13623 3/8" Injury Lead-Wire Stem 2
X13673 Combination Repair: 1/4" 1
X13675 Combination Repair: 3/8" 1
X13672 Combination Repair: 3/16" 2
X11322 Patch: 2 1/4" Medium Round 2
X14008 14-008 Vulcanizing Cement 3
X14100 14-100 Rubber Prep 3
X14128A 14-218A Inner Liner Sealer 2
X14101 14-101 Bead Sealer 2
Tire Repair Tools
CHS-98388 Safety Glasses 2
HAM-4201N01 Pistol Grip Sprial Cement Probe 1
X14301 Brass Brush 1
HAM-3154A Flexible Skiving Knife 1
HAM-31027 Wood Handle Ball Bearing Stitcher 1
Mi160 Hoe Style Inner Liner Scraper 1
14-C18 Carbide cutter, 1/8" 1
14-C316 Carbide cutter, 3/16" 1
14-C14 Carbide Cutter, 1/4" 1
HAM-4110 Straight Power Awl 1
REM-80220-BOX White Markal Paint Stick - 3/4" round 1
X14803 Work Gloves 1
QC-18 Quick Change Adaptor for CC - 1/8" 1
QC-316 Quick Change Adaptor for CC - 3/16" 1
QC-14 Quick Change Adaptor for CC - 1/4" 1
3M-EV Roloc Disc for EV Tires 2
3M-EVKIT Quick Change Roloc Kit for EV Tires 1
14324 1.5" Long Threaded Arbor - 3/8" 1
210V-60 2" Dome 60 Grit Buffing Wheel 1
X14399 Quick Spiff Vacuum (w/ Attachments) 1

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