Quick Change Roloc Kit for EV Tires

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Quick Change Roloc Kit for EV Tires 

  • Allows for Noise Reduction tires to be safely repaired by removing the foam adhesive backing inside the tire – allowing patches and repair products to bond directly with tire.
  • Reduces foam + adhesive removal time from 20 minutes to 2 minutes, without needing any chemicals or solvents.

Contains MT-RSR Part Numbers:

14-M4716-M1420M, 16-S1420-12-222, 85096, 3M-EV

MT-RSR insights:

3" Roloc Disc, 2" Holder

Recommended Speed: 2500-2700 RPM

Developed for MT-RSR in 3M’s Testing/Research Lab


How-To Video

Replacement Discs

Shank + Holder

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