Quilted Clamp Socks (Pack of 10)

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Wheel protection guard for Coats brand rim clamp tire changers. Package of 10.

Fits the following tire changer brands:

Coats - 50X / 60X / 70X / 90X RC-1, RC-5A / RC-5AA, RC-10A / RC-10AA, RC-15A / RC-15AA, RC-20A / RC-20AA 5030A / 5030E, 5040A / 5040E, 5050A / 5050E, 5060AX / 5060EX, 5065AX / 5065EX 7050AX / 7050EX, 7055AX / 7055EX, 7650AX / 7650EX, 7655AX / 7655EX, 7660AX / 7660EX, 7665AX / 7665EX

Interchangeable Part Numbers:

TC183604, 183604, 183604-10, TC183604, TC 183604-10, 8183604, 8435203, TMRTC183604

MT-RSR Insights:

Need help with finding a part for your tire changer part? Click here for the parts list!

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