Ammco Right Angle Drive – MT-RSR
Ammco Right Angle Drive

Ammco Right Angle Drive

Brake Lathes


Right Angle Gear Box Drive 4000, 4100, 7500 Brake Lathe 


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Ammco # 909815

Made in the USA 

9815M Right Angle Drive Machine Housing (Not Sold Individually)
9815-1 Needle Roller Bearing (Not Sold Individually) (2X)
9815-2 Thrust Race 815 RT Drive (Not Sold Individually) (4X)
9815-3 Retaining Ring 1/2 Shaft Side Mount (Not Sold Individually) (2X)
9815-4 1-3/8 Hole Plug for RT Drive (Not Sold Individually)
77997 Worm Drive for Ammco
7821 Coupling assembly for Ammco
7996 Shear Gear for Ammco
7821B Brass Bushing
9815-5 10-24 x 1/4 Set Screw (Not Sold Individually) (2X)