Twin Cutter Assembly for Ammco Brake Lathes

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Twin Cutter Assembly for Ammco


Part # Description
7650 LH Tool Holder Ammco
7651 RH Tool Holder Ammco
7584 New Style Brass for Twin Cutter from Ammco ( 2X )
7854 Red 3 Arm Knob for Ammco ( 2X )
7905 Return Spring for Twin Cutter ( 2X )
7910 Spring for Twin Cutter ( 2X )
7879 Locator Screw Ammco Twin Cutter ( 2X )
7909 Screw for Twin cutter Sq head (Not Sold Individually) ( 2X )
7900 Twin cutter Body(Not Sold Individually)
7911 1/4/20 Lock nut (Not Sold Individually) ( 2X )
7977 Plug (Not Sold Individually) ( 2X )
7901 Dial Assembly part of Ammco Twin Cutter ( 2X )
7701 RH Negative Tool Bit Holder
7702 LH Negative Tool Bit Holder

Interchangeable Part Numbers:

Ammco #: 6950

MT-RSR Insights:

Twin cutters are used to resurface both sides of a rotor simultaneously. Precise Inch and Millimeter micrometers set the depth of cut for inner and out rotor surfaces. The 7950 increases the rotor face size that can be cut over older 6900 model units by up to 3-3/4.

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