V-3 style Inserts for Hunter Lever-less Mount Heads

If you’re looking to improve the efficiency of your shop and reduce the chance of rim damage then look no further than the new V-3 style inserts for Hunter Lever-less Mount Heads. Level-less mount head inserts are found on the inside of the mount head and they protect the wheels from getting scraped due to the metal head contacting the wheel. These inserts are new and improved designs compared to V-2 and V-1. Designed to not shaft, Hunter Lever-less head inserts have two grooves to make better contact when  mounting the head. The V-3 inserts are gray, so that they don’t confuse with the older styles of version 1 and 2. The lever-less head is designed so that there is no hard physical labor during a demount or mounting of a low profile or run flat tire. No need for a lever bar hence lever-less and only the V-3 inserts fit the V-3 heads. We now offer the V-3 style inserts, it comes in a 10 pack with 2 screws included. This is a must have for big wheel and high dollar wheel shops! 

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