Heavy Duty Drop Center Clamp Tool for Tire Changing

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Heavy Duty Drop Center Tool

Interchangeable Part Numbers:

Replaces Corghi Part # 262417A

Alternate Part # TC435685 TC-435685 TC 485685, 262417, 435685

MT-RSR Insights:

This is a HEAVY DUTY TIRE DROP CENTER TOOL for use with any make of tire changer. This bead depressor pushes the bead down into the center of the wheel which helps mounting and demounting tires (especially with low profile side walls and run flats). This Heavy Duty screw down style tool will hold up to the toughest tire jobs. It is very durable because it is made nylon polymer which hold up to some abuse yet will not mar or damage wheels. It features a steel screw and nut design to achieve maximum pressure.
This tool is as efficient as having another person prying down on the opposite side of the bead while you mount the tire on the tire changer's mount head. Its a huge time saver and can prevent tire bead and wheel damage from over stress.
Note: sometimes 2 of these may be required on some stiff wall tires.

This should fit most wheel and tire applications. We also offer a general purpose tire drop center tool if this heavy duty one isn't needed which is available in our Online Store

Need help with finding a part for your tire changer part? Click here for the parts list!

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