Hunter and Accuturn Nylon M/D Head – MT-RSR
Hunter and Accuturn Nylon M/D Head

Hunter and Accuturn Nylon M/D Head

Tire Changers


Mount/Demount Head For Hunter And Accuturn Tire Changers:

Works with: 
Ranger - 5150523 - R-980XR,R-980NXT,R-30XLT (requires mounting flange 5150524)
Hunter - RP6 0343B - TC250,TC300,TC325,TC350,TC2000,TC3250,TC3000,TC3100 series (requires adapter)
Accuturn - SM102529 - Direct fit on 220A, (all others require adapter), 730 Pro
Sicam - SM102529 - 326,520,526,530,720,726 Grifeon 516 and Colibri 512, Falco 3009
Bosch - SM102529 - 220S,4225,4230,4335,4465,4540,5210,5320,Direct fit on 220A (all other models require adapter)

Use with: 0342

Adaptor fits most hunters 

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