Planetary Gear Assembly For SpeedPlate

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Planetary Gear Assembly For SpeedPlate 

Fits the following wheel balancer brands:

Any of our SpeedPlates will use this planetary gear assembly

MT-RSR Insights:

Did that one technician lose a planetary gear? You know the one. Every shop has one. This isn't nearly as impressive as the time they somehow lost an entire wheel. 

Did that other technician run over a planetary gear? Even if the answer's no, you can't tell me that a specific employee didn't come to mind.

Whether you have an employee who runs on pure chaos and energy drinks or has perfect outlines for all their tools in their tool box, things happen. It doesn't matter if it's already happened or you're preparing for when it does so that there's no show down time when it does, there's no need to worry, we've got all the spare parts you need. This assembly will work with any of our SpeedPlates. Spare tips and individual plates are also available.

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