5 Gal Manual Bead Booster

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A simple and reliable bead seater designed to be used on a wide variety of vehicles, including commercial trucks.

The Bead Booster® features a safety pop-off valve to prevent overfilling and a set of goggles and earplugs for protection.

All of Gaither’s Bead Booster® tanks are ASME, CE and CRN approved and certified.

Bead Booster® GB-5Z is available for private label programs.

HOW THE Bead Booster® GB-5Z WORKS:
Bead Booster® is designed to assist in the inflation of tubeless tires by setting the bead with a quick release of air pressure. To use the Bead Booster® efficiently, simply fill the tank to the necessary pressure and attach an air line to the valve stem of the wheel. Then aim the barrel between the tire bead and wheel flange, and release the manual valve in order to allow a blast of air to set the bead.

Download the user manual.

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