Metal Mount/Demount Head for Snap-On, John Bean 33MM

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Metal Mount/Demount Head for Snap-On, John Bean 33MM Tappered 

Inserts 78G13A for tail/back 113G61AY front/nose

Fits the following tire changer brands:

AccuTurn: 3402, 3600, 3602, 3602HP, 4260, 4400, 4560MR, 4602, 5400, 5402, 5602, 5602HP.
FMC: 8500, 8600, 8700, 8800.
Hofmann: 1520, 1565, 1620, 1625, 1625EM, 3300, 3300EM.
John Bean (JBC): 8800, 8931, 8950, 8960, 8990, T1000, EHP System IVE, IV, III, II, IIE, V, VE.
Snap On: All models.

Interchangeable Part Numbers:

    Snap On: ST4026251

    FMC: 87083

    John Bean: 0011065, 11065

    Hofmann: EAA0329G95A

    MT-RSR Insights:

    When selecting a head for a your tire changer, reference the second picture shown on this page. The stub sticking out of the shaft that holds the head will be either tapered (smaller on the bottom than the top) or it will not be. This head only fits tapered studs.


    Available in nylon as 140247.

    33mm Bore Tappered

    Need help with finding a part for your tire changer part? Click here for the parts list!

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