Coats Nylon M/D Head with Hardware – MT-RSR

Coats Nylon M/D Head with Hardware

Mount / Demount Heads


Replacement for most Coats brand tire changers. Fits Coats models that have a tapered stud (the part that the shoe mounts on) on the bottom of the shaft. Includes mounting bolt and washers. Not for early models that have a straight stud.

Black composite.

Should fit the following Coats models:

  • 5030A, 5030E, 5035A, 5035E, 5040A, 5040E, 5050A, 5050E, 5060A, 5060AX, 5060E, 5060EX, 5065A, 5065AX, 5065E, 5065EX, 5070A, 5070E.
  • 6050A, 6050E, 6050AX, 6050EX, 6060A, 6060E, 6060AX, 6060EX, 6065A, 6065E, 6065AX, 6065EX.
  • 7050AX, 7050EX, 7060AX, 7060EX, 7065AX, 7065EX, 7665AX, 7665EX.
  • GTS50, GTS60, GTS70.
  • RC-45A, RC-45E.
  • 50XAF1,50XAF2, 50XAF3, 50XAH1, 50XAH2, 50XAH3, 50XEF1, 50XEF2, 50XEF3, 50XEH1, 50XEH2, 50XEH3.
  • 70XAF1, 70XAF2, 70XAF3, 70XAH1, 70XAH2, 70XAH3, 70XEF1, 70XEF2, 70XEF3, 70XEH1, 70XEH2, 70XEH3. 
  • Baseline models: 200, 300, 500

 Models in RED could have had a Mounting Bar with a STRAIGHT STUD. Remove the existing Head and confirm a TAPERED STUD.

OEM / Aftermarket Interchanges: 8183061, 182960, 8182960, 183061

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