Slotted Square Head Tire Tool for Dodge Durango

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Slotted Square Head Tire Tool for Dodge Durango

ACCESS CRADLE-MOUNTED SPARES - Use to lower and raise pulleys on cradle-suspended spare tires
SLOTTED SQUARE HEAD TOOL - 12mm square head tool for use on early model Ford vehicles
CARBON STEEL - Constructed of heavy-duty carbon steel for long lasting strength and reliability
30-INCHES LONG - Tool measures 30-inches in length to make accessing even the deepest recessed pulleys easy
POWDER COATED - Features a rust and corrosion resistant black powder coating that extends to include the drive end for easy identification
7/8-INCH HEX END - Tool has a 7/8-inch hex head on the end to let you use a socketed ratchet or combination wrench to drive the spare's release

MT-RSR Insights:

The Slotted Square Head Spare Tire Tool allows you to quickly remove difficult to access cradle-suspended spare tires on the Dodge Durango. This hoist access rod is made of durable carbon steel and measures 30-inches in length. Simply insert the tool and rotate with a 7/8-inch socketed 1/2-inch drive hand ratchet, combination wrench or tire iron / lug wrench to lower the tire. Features a rust and corrosion resistant black powder coat with the same colored coating extended to include the hex drive end for easy identification.

Available as a full set as JS-96090A.

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