SpeedPlate Pro System Standard Threaded Shaft

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SpeedPlate Pro System

Fits 4-lug, 5-Lug, 6-Lug, and 8-lug passenger car, SUV, and light truck wheels with bolt patterns (PCD) between 95.25mm and 180mm or 3.75” to 7.08”

Forget about all your previous negative experiences with quick plates and speed plates. Our Wheel Balancer SPEEDplate makes balancing wheels faster and easier than ever. Featuring a high-precision metal and durable plastic design, the SPEEDplate is designed to disassemble when dropped, preventing permanent damage. With just a few clicks, you can easily put it back together, and you'll be ready to balance your wheels in no time. Traditionally, wheel balancing clamping tools have been slow to set up and use, but with this one-finger adjustment design, it is a true SPEEDplate.


  • SpeedPlate for 4-lug and 8-lug wheels
  • SpeedPlate for 5-lug wheels
  • SpeedPlate for 6-lug wheels
  • Six (6) Torque Tips - Style B
  • Six (6) Torque Tips - Style C (ball seat)
  • Six (6) Torque Tips - Style C Long (ball seat)
  • Six (6) Torque Tips - Style E

The new SpeedPlate form is entirely different:

  • Ultra-fast
    • One-handed, on the fly, bolt pattern adjustment - Check out our user videos online.
    • As fast as a standard, old-fashioned pressure cup.
  • Ultra-durable
    • Can take an incredible beating without losing balancing accuracy - Check out our drop test videos online.
    • Tested up to 400,000 cycles - most balancers have a 150,000-cycle lifespan.
  • Accurate
    • It will ensure that there is even pressure on each lug hole, thereby forcing the wheel to sit straight as it is pressed up again the balancer’s faceplate.

Interchangeable Part numbers:

Similar to: Snap-On #EEWB3-1A, EAK0309J38D, EAK0309J33C

Corghi # 900200400A, 900200500A

Haweka # WB4029-40, HW210 400 002, 210 400 002

Coats # 8113841

Hunter #20-2123-2

MT-RSR Insights:

The ball seat Torque Tip © is usually left on the 5-lug plate all the time. It works on ball seat as well as conical sear wheels. The 4-lug plate is used with E Tips for passenger wheels and B tips for trucks. The 6-lug plate usually use the B Tips. So it’s not often that the Torque Tips have to be swapped out at all. 

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