Corghi EM9280 Wheel Balancer

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Corghi EM9280 Wheel Balancer

The 9280 is the number one balancer choice for most shops. Its small footprint, Intuitive "Easy Display", and Smart Arm make it fast and reliable. Its compact space saving design makes it an optimal choice for mobile applications. It's versatility allows for multiple installation configurations to accommodate the customer's needs. Units can be modified with the following options:

  • Removal of weight cabinet for weight reduction + space savings
  • Hood can be removed to save space
  • Support foot can be removed for mounted locations to save space
  • Monitor can be easily removed and mounted remotely. 


  • LCD Monitor displays high resolution graphics and dedicated software, allows any user to transition from one Corghi model to another without additional training. An easy-to-use interface for displaying weight locations and choosing balancing programs.
  • Spin unit derives from the superior models of the B-Series and provides functional features typical of the upper models: reduced cycle time, measuring wheels weighing up to 85 kg and wheel balancing with inside offset of up to 275 mm without using additional spacer. The innovative drive unit and low maintenance ensure maximum reliability.
  • The new wheel guard allows use whit wheel sizes up to 44”.
  • SMART-ARM allows for easier input of wheel diameter and distance with FSP function which automatically activates the balancing program, avoiding keypad selection.
  • Quick and simple sensitivity calibration. The sample weight supplied with the machine is simply threaded directly to the spin unit, ensuring maximum precision and eliminating operator error
  • Automatic wheel positioning to the point where the balancing weight has to be applied with electrical positioning brake.


Rim Width 1.5" - 20"
Maximum Rim Diameter 35"
Rim Diameter Measurement Range 10" - 28"
Maximum Wheel Width (With Guard) 23.6"
Maximum Wheel Diameter (With Guard) 44"
Max. Wheel/Machine Distance 10.82"
Maximum Wheel Weight 165 Lb
Maximum Unbalance Value 999g / 35.3 oz
Unbalance Measurement Accuracy 1 g / 0.0353 oz
Average Measurement Time 7 Seconds
Shaft Diameter 40 mm
Spinning Speed 90 - 130 RPM
Power Consumption 122 W
Supply Voltage 110 60Hz
Machine Weight 181 Lbs
Machine Dimensions 50.9" x 59.3" x 65.7" (With Hood)


Operation Manual

Parts List

Replacement Parts + Accessories

Quick Nut w/ Cup + Ring

Metal Wingnut

3 Jaw Balancer Chuck

Wheel Caliper

3M Wheel Weight Starter Kit

Stick-On Wheel Weight Removal Tool

SpeedPlate System

UWT Wheel Weight Pliers/Hammer

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